2019.2.2.16 (09-01-2019)

Operating system

Windows 7 or higher

Price / License 

€ 699,- / rent



  • Local installation software / cloud database
  • Internet connection on location is necesairy



Registration of vehicles during the assembly and disassembly of your event.

Who goes in
Who goes out


Have insight into which suppliers and
vehicles are on-site and know
of whom-who-vehicle is.

During the assembly and disassembly of your event it is coming and going of vehicles. But do you have any idea which vehicle or semi-trailer belongs to which supplier? Or may that vehicle be present on the event terrain? With the help of this software, you have a license plate registration/scan option and you have direct insight into which vehicle is on your premises and which supplier it belongs to.

What we offer

License Plate Based

Software connects to the business processes and not the other way around;

Scanning Solutions

Is your event growing, and you are in need to add new features or remove old ones?

SMS Text Mesage Intergration

You only use the features that are relevant to you. Add or remove functions based on your needs.

Real-Time Updates

We build software that connects to the business processes and not the other way around.

Design It Yourself

Software connects to the business processes and not the other way around;

Parking Credentials

We use our 15-years of industry knowledge to help you create an application that is built based on your needs.

Scanner Solution

Easily scan vehicles in when entering or leaving your event terrain.

The supplier is only allowed on-site if they have a license plate. The barcode is scanned during on-site access. At that moment the scan status is set to IN as a sign that the vehicle is on-site.
When leaving, the barcode is scanned again and the scan status is set to OFF. You can now see at a glance which vehicles are IN (present) or OFF (absent). It is also clear how often a vehicle is scanned IN/OUT.

For example, if a vehicle or trailer is parked incorrectly somewhere, you can use the license plate to contact the supplier or look up the license plate in the system.

The registration process

We’ve set up a number of data fields so you can have full control about the .

Every supplier is obliged to register his vehicle before he goes to the event site. After the registration you will receive an A4 with the data and a 2D barcode for scanning. This A4 is placed on the driver’s side behind the window. The data below will be registered:

• Company name • Driver’s name and mobile number
• Number of persons • Registration number
• Type of transport • Category
• Category • Location Acces
• Scan status

You can design the A4 yourself using the built-in report generator. From 2020 it will also be possible to use NFC windshield tags/readers in addition to a barcode. The vehicle will then already be detected at a distance of 10-15 meters.

SMS Message Intergration

With this new feature you can easily contact a specific driver or target a select group of drivers.

A new feature is an SMS integration to send standard SMS messages to a single driver or to all drivers. You can create standard SMS messages, provide them with certain variables and save them in the database. By using the variables you can personalize the sms message and merge the registered data with the sms message. The result is a personal text message to the driver(s). To send sms messages you need:

  • A internet connection
  • SMS credits

You buy a number of credits and as long as you have credits you can send text messages. When formatting your SMS message you can choose whether it is a standard SMS message or a push message.

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