Ready end 2020

Operating system

Windows 7 or higher

Price / License 

€ 699,- / rent



  • Local installation software / cloud database
  • Internet connection on location is necesairy




Registration & issuance of walkie-talkies earphones during events.

Clear audio


Our tool to manage the issuing of walkie-talkies on events.

A structured way to manage the registration/output/return of walkie-talkies during your event. Gain insight into who owns which walkie-talkie & accessories and which channels are used.

What we offer

License Plate Based

Software connects to the business processes and not the other way around;

Pre-assign equipement

You only use the features that are relevant to you. Add or remove functions based on your needs.

Nfc and barcodes

Software connects to the business processes and not the other way around;

Asset Registration

The basis of iPORTOFOON are the assets.

“An asset is an item, thing or entity that has potential or current value for an organization”. By this we mean equipment & asseccoires such as walkie-talkies, batteries and speech keys.


• Type of asset * • Brand *
• Model * • Current status *
• Unique numbers nfc & serial numbers • Purchase date and costs, supplier *
• Warranty from/to* • Technical history*

Release registration

We can easily migrate exicisting visitor data to iVENT-Lite.

Prior to the event, you can already link walkie-talkies and accessories to people. During the event, the person in question will come and you can realize the issuance immediately. By using NFC tags on the assets, you can easily and quickly scan and issue the assets. You also have insight into which assets are linked to a person and which channels are used.

You can also provide an employee with his or her own D card with an NFC tag or barcode. The employee reports to the issuance, you scan his ID (barcode or nfc-tag) and the system looks up his data.

Return registration 

Custom solutions tuned after your needs and capacity. 

There comes a time when all walkie-talkies and accessories have to be returned. Upon return, the NFC tags are scanned and booked as returns in iPORTOFOON. You have immediate insight into which walkie-talkie and accessories the person in question has been assigned and must return.

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