Operating system

Windows 7 or higher

Price / License 

€ 299,- (only software)
€ 499,- (software & printer)



  • Local installation software / database
  • Dongle for license



Print & design your own custom wristbands, with iPolsband.

Print your own wristbands.


No more minimum purchase of pre-printed wristbands & no left over wristbands.

Print the numbers you need in your own layout including barcode to scan the barcode using the scan modules. A unique solution in the Netherlands for small or large events.

What we offer

Portable Solution

With our Pack & Scan module, you can easily export all necessary data to a USB and use the software on any laptop or PC.

Barcode Implementation

Is your event growing, and you are in need to add new features or remove old ones? We are always here to adjust your application to grow with you.

Expire Dates

Assign beginning and end dates to barcodes. With our barcode module you can print those barcodes on wristbands to create access control for your event.

Design It Yourself

With the report generator you design the layout of the wristband yourself. You can design an unlimited number of layouts in your own style or in the style of an event.

Personal Wristbands

As an organizer, you can print personal wristbands with the name of the guests, group or date/time.

Connect Multiple Printers

The software supports simultaneous printing to multiple printers connected to your computer or network.

Bulk Printing

Print multiple identical wristbands in one go, you decide the design and layout. 

You can print bulk wristbands with several of the same wristbands printed. As an organizer you can print your own wristband with the name of the event, group or date/time. In combination with the different colors wristbands you have an instant visual check. The software also has the possibility to use the so-called validity date. You then specify the start/end date for entry. With the barcode options you can generate a barcode. The combination ‘validity date + barcode’ gives you an access control. The barcode scan software is standard within our software.
There are many applications in practice for which you can use iPOLSBAND. We supply the software, printer and tapes and you the application for which you are going to use it.

Group Wristband Printing

Group wristbands are personalized wristbands with, for example, the name of the guest or visitor.

We use an Excel sheet with two columns to import the names. With the import you can indicate to which design of the wristband the names should be linked.
Also here you have the possibility to generate a barcode to scan the barcodes using the scan modules. Because group wristbands are often not issued until the visitor logs in, you have the option to search by name and print the wristband on-demand.

Plug & Go

Export all data to a USB-stick, and use it on any laptop with an external barcode scanner.

This module will generate and print barcodes on the wristbands so you can scan the barcodes using the ‘PACK & SCAN’ module.

This module will collect the data you need to scan and the scan module, and will export it on a USB stick, or any other external storage device. You then can plug it in a laptop, get a barcode scanner and you’re ready to scan barcodes at the entrance of your event.

You can even choose to scan a barcode once or continuously. With this option, you can scan both at the entrance and at the exit so guests can enter continuously.

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