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Windows 7 or higher

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  • Cloud & local solutions are posible
  • Internet connection on location is necesairy



Registration of crew, guests, and artists including issuing module.

Manage with ease


Manage all your crew, volunteers, suppliers, and artists in 1 place

Managing people was never easier. iEvent is the all-in-one solution for managing your personnel. Immediate insight into crew, guests, artists and press. All information stored centrally and continuously available and accessible. Allocate facilities to the crew so that everyone with a certain function receives the same facilities. Think of awarding food and beverage vouchers, t-shirts and wristbands.

What we offer

Real-Time Updates

We build software that connects to the business processes and not the other way around.

Easily Expandable

We are always here to adjust your application to grow with you.

Send out custom invites

You only use the features that are relevant to you. Add or remove functions based on your needs.

Wristband Printing Solution

Software connects to the business processes and not the other way around;

Parking Credentials

We use our 15-years of industry knowledge to help you create an application that is built based on your needs.

Design It Yourself

Software connects to the business processes and not the other way around;

Crew registration

Send accreditations by email with the data needed for the employees. 

No festival can do without its volunteers. It is important to arrange this properly and to have insight into which employee has signed up, deregistered or even been blacklisted. Besides the standard data you also have the possibility to register extra things like function, catering, facilities, certificates, which parking location, entrance and so on. Through the issuance registration at the event the volunteer will receive all necessary facilities such as t-shirts, drinking/dining vouchers, a (personalized) wristband  and anything else you want to define as a facility.

Issue Registration

No more discussions about whether someone is on the guest list or not.

After registration comes the run-up phase of your event. The crew, guests, press, suppliers will report to the festival. In order to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible, the software manager has a so-called issue registration. After scanning the barcode on the accreditation/mobile phone it is immediately clear whether the accreditation is valid:

  • Valid or invalid
  • Accreditation already scanned or not
  • Which facilities should be provided
  • Real-time printing wristband or badge

A design that speaks

Customize the designs of your emails,  accreditations, wristbands and ID-cards . 

The emails, messages and accreditations that you send to your crew or guests are fully customizable. With our templates you can design your wristband or ID-card in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or any other design tool that let’s you export PDF files.  Use different fonts, barcodes, images and the database fields to design your email, accreditations, wirstbands and ID-cards.

There is no limit in the number of designs and so you can use a different accreditation per target group.

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