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An event management

We are an event management system software, developed based on and with people who are working in the event industry. We tailor our applications to the exact detail of what’s really needed for a good event.

Featured services that we provide.


Registration of crew, guests, artists, and suppliers including issue registration. Customize the designs to wristbands, emails, and invites to your needs.


Off-line in/out check-in/registration, badge printing, and scanning of your visitors during a seminar or small event.


Print customizable wristbands, together with our barcode module you can easily scan wristbands at entrances at your event.


Vehicle registration tool during the assembly and disassembly phase of your event. Immediately have insight in which vehicle is present on your terrain.


Registration and issuance tool for walkie-talkies at events. Walkie-talkies and accessories can be provided with an NFC tag for quick scanning.
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How can a event management tool help you ?

From our years of practical experience (35 years) we know better than anyone where the challenges lie, what problems you can face but above all how we can solve them.

Your artists are important, that’s what your visitors come for. But your crew, suppliers, guests, the press are just as important. Without them, you can’t organize a festival.


With our management applications you will never again have to look for different customers for every problem, at Eventsoft we offer everything under one roof.
We make no distinction between the size or history of an event, we are there for every event. From seminars and lectures to fairs and large-scale music festivals, Eventsoft offers a suitable solution for every event.


Every event is different, we know this as the best. This is why it is important for us to develop software that can be flexibly adapted to the wishes of the customer.

Safe & Secure

Eventsoft offers both local and cloud solutions, but with us security always comes first, because you work with privacy sensitive information.

Manage in one place

One software package for the entire crew management of an event, this is what Eventsoft offers.

Seamless intergration
With your favorite apps

With tools like iPolsband you can easily integrate existing guest data into our software to assign personalized wristbands. You can even upgrade the wristbands with our scan module to print barcodes on the wristbands to scan at the entrance of your event. This way you have an easy and cost-efficient solution for wristbands at your event.

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